Measuring very accurate stellar diameters by high angular resolution techniques in the era of photometric space missions (K2, TESS, CHEOPS, PLATO) and Gaia
4-6 Oct 2017 Nice (France)



The program can be downloaded here : program_2.pdf




09:00 - 9:20  Welcome


   General context


09:20 -09:50        The Potential of Asteroseismology for Stellar Modelling (C. Aerts, IT)

09:50 -10:20        Recent Developments and Highlights from the CHARA Array and NPOI  (G. Schaefer, IT)

10:20 -10:35        First attempts of combining asteroseismology and interferometry (F. Thévenin)


10:35 - 10:50       Coffee Break


10:50 -11:20        Astrophysical parameters in Gaia DR2 (R. Andrae, IT)

11:20 -11:50        Photometric space missions for bright stars : PLATO (K. BelkacemIT)

                            & TESS (J. Christensen-Dalsgaard, IT)


11:50  - 13:20     Lunch break  + coffee


   Interferometry & asteroseismology


13:20 -13:50       Interferometric versus asteroseismic diameters (T. White, IT) 

13:50 -14:10       HR 7322: A benchmark for stellar evolution (A. Stokholm)

14:10 -14:30        Assessing the impact of an interferometric radius on modeling of bright stars (B. Nsamba)

14:30 -14:50        Asteroseismology and Interferometry of Delta Scuti Stars (Z. Guo)


14:50 -15:15        Coffee Break

15:15 -15:40        Fundamental Parameters of Pre-Main Sequence Stars (M. Simon)

15:40 -16:00        Combining Interferometry and Asteroseismology to Calibrate Funnelweb

                            and other Large Spectroscopic Surveys (M. Ireland)

16:00 -16:20        Variability of oscillation modes in the hot B subdwarf star KIC3527751 (W. Zong)

16:20 -16:40        46 LMi: An analysis of Doppler velocities of a target with an angular diameter (S. Frandsen)

16:40 -17:40        Discussions

18:00                    Visit of the Observatory





09:00 -09:30        Measuring stellar parameters using Optical Interferometry (A. Merand, IT)


Calibration of stellar properties 


09:30 -10:00        The atmosphere, the p-factor and the bright visible circumstellar environment

                            of the prototype of classical cepheids delta Cep (N. Nardetto, IT) 

10:00 -10:20        The [Y/Mg] clock works for evolved solar metallicity stars (D. Slumstrup) 


10:20 -10:40        Coffee Break


10:40 -11:10        Constraining fundamental parameters of chemically peculiar stars (I. Brandao, IT)

11:10 -11:30        Metallicity effect on stellar granulation detected from oscillating Red Giants

                            in Open Clusters (E. Corsaro)

11:30 -11:50         Pseudo-photometric apparent diameter of stars (A. Chelli)


11:50  - 13:20     Lunch break  + coffee


Stellar atmosphere models


13:20 -13:50        Determination of stellar parameters and compositions with the aid of three-dimensional

                            model atmospheres (R. Collet, IT)

13:50 -14:10        The bubbling red giant branch stars (A. Chiavassa)




14:10 -14:40       Masses and multiplicity of binaries from interferometry (C. Hummel, IT) 

14:40 -15:00       Calibrating asteroseismology for red giants with eclipsing binaries (M. Benbakoura)


15:00 -15:30       Coffee break


15:30 -15:50       Calibrating convective core overshooting with eclipsing binaries: a theoretical investigation

                           of biases and random variability (P. Giorgio Prada Moroni)

15:50 -16:10       Probing Stellar Evolution with Massive Binary Pulsators (C. Johnson)

16:10 -16:30       Precise surface gravities of Delta Scuti stars from asteroseismology (A. Garcia Hernandez) 


16:30 -17:30      Discussions 


20:00                 Conference Dinner 




Exoplanet host stars


09:00 -09:30        Exoplanet Host Stars: from Stellar to Planet Parameters (A. Mann Columbia University, IT)

09:30 -09:50        Present and future insights on exoplanetary system parameters (R. Ligi)




09:50 -10:10         The Asteroseismic Programme at ARIES Nainital : Present and Future Prospects (S. Joshi)

10:10 -10:20         Coffee break

10:20 -10:50         Prospects in optical interferometry - stellar physics perspectives (D. Mourard, IT) 

10:50 -11:20         Prospects for Advancing Direct Determinations of Radius and Temperature (G. Van Belle)



11:20 -11:50         Discussions  & closing remarks  




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